If you live or work in Sydney, then at some point in your life, whether it is for work or for the home, you will most likely require rubbish removal in Sydney. Since organising a rubbish removal service isn’t something that most of us do everyday and mainly just do after a big clean or project, it can be difficult to gauge what you should be looking for when choosing a rubbish removal company.


When considering a rubbish removal in Sydney, the first thing many of us would do is get online and do a quick search of rubbish removal companies in the local Sydney area. You may find there are a lot of services that promote a variety of features and benefits. However, you need to ask yourself, are they the right rubbish removal company for you and your specific needs?


The following factors are key benefits and features that you should be looking for in a rubbish removal service. If you can find a company that meets these criteria, then your rubbish removal in Sydney should be seamless and hassle-free.


Find a local Sydney rubbish removal company


Do your research and make sure you find a local company for your junk removal needs. Having a local service helps make the rubbish removal process easy for 2 major reasons.


Firstly, they are familiar with your local area, which will ensure there will be no issue with arriving and taking away your rubbish. If they say they will be at your location on an agreed date, you can be rest assured that they will be there and know exactly where to dispose of your rubbish.


Secondly, a local company prides themselves on referrals. With much of their business relying on positive word of mouth, they will ensure they do a professional job and clean up any mess that may be created during the rubbish removal process.


Look for the offer of a same day pick-up


Although you may not need a same day pick-up service, look for a rubbish removal company that does offer this. A company that offers this quick and convenient rubbish removal service will normally be qualified, professional and reliable.


Having the option of a same day pick-up can also allow you some flexibility in your rubbish removal process. If need be, you can leave your rubbish to picked up at the very end of your clean up or project.


The removal of your junk should be the last item on your to-do-list and also the least of your concerns. Even if you don’t need same day pick-up, it will give you that added peace of mind that if you did, it is an option,


Sufficient resources to do the labour for you


If you’re paying for a rubbish removal service, then make sure that the company does the end-to-end junk removal process for you. They should have enough man-power to come and remove all your junk that you have been quoted on.


As the customer, you shouldn’t worry about taking the time out and the labour requirements of having to help remove your rubbish. A professional rubbish removal service should arrive with at least 2 staff to remove your junk, carry and load these items into a skip or vehicle and clean-up any mess that may be left behind.


Items that your rubbish removal company should remove for you include;


  • Garden scraps and waste
  • Construction site waste
  • Furniture and home appliances
  • Other junk, including old books, clothes etc.


Environmentally friendly


Your ideal rubbish removal company should dispose of your items in an eco friendly way. This includes recycling or donating any of your items as part of the junk removal process before taking it to the tip.


If you are wondering how to find one that is eco friendly, simply have a quick read of their website. Rubbish removal companies that are environmentally responsible are most likely to promote this on their website as a point of difference to other rubbish removal services.


Also, take a look at online customer reviews. Many people like to promote businesses that do right by the environment.


So, when looking for a local rubbish removal service in Sydney, remember to consider 3 key factors; they need to be a local service, offer an end-to-end service where you as the customer doesn’t have to lift a finger and be environmentally friendly.


Organising for a rubbish removal service doesn’t’ need to be a confusing task. Although there is many options out there available, if you consider these 3 points, you should come across the right junk removal company that is right for you.



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