The old statement, ‘production isn’t complete until it gets to the final consumer’ will forever remain true. For some businesses, getting their products to the final consumer is a huge problem. Sometimes, it is not that they don’t have customers but that these customers are located so far away.

If your customers are scattered everywhere around the globe, you’ll find that most times, you’d need to ship your products to them. This activity can be stressful as well as expensive, which is why top businesses with international customers use freight forwarding companies.

Freight forwarding companies take care of shipping your products to your customers without necessarily being the shipping company. They make life a ton easier for you and your customers by overseeing the shipment of the goods and all it entails. However, it’s difficult to select an organization that will serve you as you desire from the large pool of freight forwarding companies out there.

To select the best organisation for your business, here are considerations you must make:

#1. Does Your Shipment Have Special Requirements?

Freight forwarding companies have a list of merchandise that they don’t deal with. Products like wheat that are usually treated in bulk, household removals, and vehicles are some of such commodities that most freight forwarding companies don’t accept. You also have to make inquiries as to whether the organisation accepts oversized shipments as well as the countries that they cover. The geographical coverage of the organisation is important because these companies maintain relationships with custom clearance officers in the countries they operate.

#2. Will Your Shipping Narrow Your Choices of Organisation?

Freight forwarding companies

Let’s face it, everyone wants to use a big-name organisation. The advantages of using are immense. For one, they can help bargain good shipping prices and better treatment from big air and ocean shippers. The reality, however, remains that the size of the business you’re bringing to them will determine if you’ll be able to secure them. Most of the big-name freight forwarding companies don’t respond to quotes from small businesses.

#3. Is Price More Important to You?

Freight forwarding companies, whether big or small, know that the cost of their service is a big determinant in attracting customers. You, of course, could be on the lookout for freight forwarding companies that offer a great price. This can be tricky, however. Some companies can offer you an affordable price for the first shipment then hike up the price for subsequent shipments. Some others will hide some of the costs in terms and conditions, while some would offer affordable prices because their services are limited. In all you do, ensure that an affordable organisation offers great customer service.

#4. Are You More Interested in the Service?

Most times, it comes down to the quality of the service than the price. Containers may not be missing at sea, as some people like to tell. However, consignments get damaged or delayed. It’s good to look at the customer satisfaction ratings of the organisation you’re picking. Also, you have to consider the spectrum of services the company is providing you. Some will provide tracking for your shipment as well as insurance and warehouse, but this would show in their prices. Then be sure that the company has the competence to handle the coordination that is necessary for successful freight forwarding. Also, don’t overlook communication. You should be able to communicate regularly with your chosen organisation to give you updates on the process.

#5. Do You Know Where to Begin Your Search?

If you’ve got one to four covered, the next thing should be to find the right freight forwarding company for your business. Your best bet is to visit platforms that house responsible freight forwarding companies that tick the boxes of both quality and price.