Mediation can simply be defined as getting to solve disputes when the parties involved meet with a totally different person to negotiate a new resolution. Due to private and personal reasons, parents and separating couples may experience a broken relationship. Also, they may not be able to agree to any negotiation of how things would be after separation.

However, couples can sit down and arrive at a better settlement with this mediation process. Of course, they need a trained mediator to achieve great results. The mediation process does not mean that the decisions are made for you. As a matter of fact, the decision is solely determined by you and not the judge of a court.

What is NOT mediation?

It is not counselling in a relationship, nor is it a form of persuasion to make two people stay together and keep their marriages. Legal mediation is a dispute resolution process.

Who benefits from family mediation?

Very importantly, family mediation is not only for married people. As a matter of fact, the goal is to help two separated people reach a better solution, and they can move on.

What happens in family mediation?

In the process, you meet an adequately trained person called a mediator. He or she is professionally trained such that he or she does not take sides while at it. The focus is simple – to help both parties arrive at an agreement. Also, the mediator practices a high level of confidentiality, and you can expect your stories to be safe.

Are there benefits at all?


Yes, there are several benefits of mediation. They include;

  1. High level of confidentiality
  2. Based on research, it has been proven that jointly agreed decisions are often more honoured.
  3. Since two parties will be communicating through unpleasant times to have a final decision, they can have improved communicative skills. Eventually, this reduces the level of anger and anxiety that accompanies breakdown in relationships.
  4. As couples with children, the process helps to come to an agreement and create parenting plans to take care of them.
  5. It helps lower conflict and prioritizes the children even when the relationship could have broken down.

Does mediation involve children?

The focus of the process is children. There is a strong emphasis on the state of the children and how divorce and separation may affect them. The children have given a voice such that they are well catered, no matter the choice of the parents to remain divorced.

How do I know a good mediator?

A good mediator is professional. You can know from their experiences and how they have handled past cases. You can tell from their excellent communicative skills, attention to detail, and ability to suggest significant decisions. A good mediator is concerned about the solution and a better environment for the children that are involved.


Mediation is a process that involves a mediator and two parties. However, the decision is about children, finances, or properties after separation. At the end of the day, the focus is to provide a solution to the issue at hand.