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Looking for a good rubbish removal service in Blacktown? Want a company that can provide you with rubbish removal at a good price? You’re looking in the right direction for a cleaner and rubbish free environment. We provide services that fit into your entire junk removal requirement.

What we promise you when you call for our service:

Easily Accessible

We are very easy to reach. We can come clean your space, all you have to do is make a phone call to (02) 8003 4220. We will provide you with services the same day. Does that make your job easy? We also promise to come at a time that is convenient for you. No matter the type of rubbish removal you need, if the requirement is for a fast service, we are the business for you.

Competitive Prices

Our service comes at competitive prices that are easily affordable. No longer should you wait for a council clean up because we come at a time that suits you with a price that suits your wallet. Rubbish removal in Blacktown just got a lot easier. Don’t you think so?

Our Services

Our services include clearing household rubbish, commercial and industrial rubbish. Yes not only do we keep your backyards clean, we do the same for office spaces and construction sites. Think of increasing productivity at work? Let us help you by cleaning out rubbish from your offices and giving you more room to be more productive.

Waste Management

All that rubbish you throw out is recycled or reused. We also love to donate any unused items to charity, if the items are in a good enough condition. The rubbish is managed in an efficient way. The waste that are to be recycled are taken to centers that are approved. We are certainly responsible when it comes to rubbish management.


We take care of the environment while managing wastes. The wastes that are thrown out which can’t be recycled or reused are disposed in a way that ensures ecological balance.

Have a messy space with rubbish piling up? Don’t wait until the next council pickup because we are available at your service just a phone call away.  We are the best when it comes to rubbish removal in Blacktown!

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Some Items We Can Clear:

  • Office strip outs
  • Computers, printers and faxes
  • Warehouse & factory clean-outs
  • Paper, cardboard and packing materials
  • Photocopiers & phones
  • Filing cabinets and any other unwanted waste
  • Rental property cean-ups
  • Machinery
  • Toys
  • Hard rubbish & all type furniture

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