When considering the relative age of the Solar System, humans are still relatively new inhabitants on Earth and we were not the first species to dominate the landscape. Despite this we have caused major environmental damage to our planet in order to sustain our growing populations and highly wasteful lifestyles.

If you believe in the science behind climate change then you understand the human impact on the environment through Co2 pollution of the atmosphere. This process known as global warming is predicted to have disastrous environmental consequences for our planet and is already considered too late to prevent in some scientific circles.

However, most of us have been raised with or adopted everyday habits that promote care for our environment. Everything from recycling materials to creating regulations against over-fishing reflet values that society has towards to conservation of our delicate ecological surroundings.

Let’s take a look at the basic things you can do to help preserve the environment.

Restrict your water use

Water is the most precious resource on Earth and it’s easy to take it for granted when you have had access to a hygienic supply all of your life. In many countries around the world their groundwater is polluted or poisoned in some way that makes it hard to find clean sources of fresh water.

Needless to say, water should be used cautiously so that as little of it is wasted as possible. In your everyday life this could mean having less showers, fixing a dripping tap in your plumbing or boycotting bottled water in favour of a refillable bottle.

Drive less

As we all know, automobiles contribute a huge portion of carbon emissions every day. While car manufacturers have gradually made their vehicles more environmentally friendly, they still are a primary cause of Co2 pollution.

While driving is a necessity for many people to get to work or other commitments, there are opportunities to reduce its usage. For example, if there’s a public transport route to work then perhaps park the car near a bus or train route and take the rest of the way on foot.

Save electricity

A great way to reduce the toll on the environment and reduce your energy bills is to get smart about power usage in the home. This means switching lights off in room nobody is using, turning off appliances before leaving home and wearing warmer clothing rather than using a heater.

All of these little steps won’t make a big difference on their own but when enough people adopt them it translates into a much bigger benefit for the enviroment.


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