The build-up of clutter, junk, mess, garbage or whatever you want to call it is an inevitable fact of life for basically everyone. Most of us never deliberately accumulate refuse but the hustle and bustle of modern lifestyles, especially with our rampant consumerism, has led to use going through a lot more material possessions and creating a lot more waste as a result.

All of the huge amounts of food packaging, plastics, food scraps and broken or discarded products fill up the landfills around the world. Needless to say, the issue of waste management is something that affects all human beings at both individual and group levels.

On an individual, family basis most of us admit the need for us to maintain clean and organised lives. While this is easier said than done, most if not all homeowners have an underlying need to keep their residence clear of junk.

For many people, hiring a skip bin to be delivered and picked up over a weekend is their go-to for big clean-ups. It’s almost a cultural tradition for skip bins to be filled up by families and friends over a weekend.

But why spend all weekend doing this hard work when you could hire professional rubbish removalists to take care of it in half the time? These people are trained experts and know how to clear up a space much faster than your family and friends can.

It seems there are certain societal stigmas around the hiring of commercial services to work in, on and around our residential homes. The primary stigma seems to imply that this is work that could be done alone and that hiring professionals is a sign of laziness.

This stigma can also be seen in house cleaning or housekeeping services which TV and film has taught us is a service relegated to the wealthiest and most entitled of people. Think about it, every time you’ve seen a maid or housekeeper in media it’s been in a upper middle class or outright wealthy family that’s simply too important to do the work themselves.

This creates the notion that hiring rubbish removalists, housekeepers or even gardeners is a sign of upwards mobility that suggests you’re more well off than your neighbour. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

In today’s society, services like rubbish removal or housekeeping are far more affordable for the average family. This means that using these services is becoming a choice associated with convenience rather than with social or economic superiority.

For these reasons more people should consider budgeting for rubbish removal services that can help them clear out their garage, shed or anywhere else that needs to be rescued. You’d be surprised by how quickly a space can be transformed when given to trained professionals.

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